Over 2 million people have had the $1,000 kick-start paid to their KiwiSaver Account from the government – now their focus should be on capturing the annual government paid MTC (member tax credit) and being in the KiwiSaver scheme that is right for them. When it comes to KiwiSaver, we believe SuperLife is the answer.

SuperLife offers a KiwiSaver scheme with a focus on competitive fees, flexibility, service and excellent communication. See how competitive our fees are for yourself by using Sorted's KiwiSaver fee comparison calculator.

Why are low fees important?

Low fees means more of the investment returns end up in your KiwiSaver Account. International studies show that a key difference between the returns of alternative funds over the long term is explained by fees. We believe that SuperLife's fees are either the lowest or among the lowest in the market.


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SuperLife benefits

Read about why you should choose SuperLife's KiwiSaver scheme.

For kids

KiwiSaver is a great way to help prepare your children for the future. 

We also offer a separate flexible savings option for your children's and grandchildren's education, weddings, and more.

KiwiSaver resources

The prospectus dated 18 September 2013 is registered and is available here.


MTC - Capture the $521.43 from the government each year 

  • MTC's is the annual subsidy from the government read more
  • To make a lump sum payment to your KiwiSaver Account click here