SuperLife’s superannuation scheme is administered and governed under a trust. 


SuperLife is promoted and managed by SuperLife Limited. SuperLife Limited is part of NZX Limited. SuperLife Limited has appointed MCA NZ Limited to help it manage the investments.  MCA NZ Limited is the investment consultant. 

Funds invested in SuperLife are held on trust and are separate from the business activities of SuperLife Limited and MCA NZ Limited.  SuperLife Limited and MCA NZ Limited are independent companies, though the directors of MCA NZ Limited, are the directors of SuperLife Limited.



SuperLife is governed by a trustee - SuperLife Trustee Limited.

The Trustee is appointed by SuperLife Limited, but is responsible to all the Members. The Trustee makes sure contributions are invested and that everything is done circulating to the Trust Deed. The Trustee’s only role is to look after SuperLife Limited’s superannuation scheme and KiwiSaver scheme. It does not trade or have any other business activities.

The directors of the Trustee are independent of SuperLife Limited. The trustee directors are:

Michael Littlewood – Co-director, Retirement Policy and Research Centre, University of Auckland

Grant Niccol (Chairman) – Company Director

Brian Nowell – Company Director

Read more about the trustee directors.

Management - govern manage diagram.JPG

The assets are held in the name of SuperLife Trustee Nominees Limited, a subsidiary of the Trustee, and a range of external custodians.


Investment managers and investment consultant

SuperLife Limited, is the overall investment manager.  It in turn has appointed MCA NZ Limited as the investment consultant. MCA researches, selects, appoints and monitors the external investment managers and brokers, as appropriate, and reports to SuperLife Limited and the Trustee.

See a list of SuperLife's current external investment managers.