Disability Insurance

SuperLife disability insurance protects you from the loss of income from a severe disability that prevents you from working for an extended period.

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Low Cost

Because SuperLife has over 50,000 members, we have negotiated a special arrangement with Fidelity Life to reduce its premiums. 

Try our disability insurance calculator to estimate your premiums.

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SuperLife insurance puts you in control

SuperLife lets you decide how much you will receive should you become disabled or too sick to work (“benefit level”), how long you have to be off work before payments begin (“waiting period”), and how long it is payable while you are disabled (“benefit period”). The benefit is tax free.

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It’s easy to sign up

  • SuperLife members can sign up for disability insurance. SuperLife disability insurance is separate to any investments you have with SuperLife.
  • If you are new to SuperLife, it is easy to become a SuperLife member and sign up for disability insurance (even if you don’t have any investments with us).

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Where can I learn more?

We recommend reading our FAQs on Insurance to learn more about disability insurance premiums and benefit payments, and using our disability insurance calculator to estimate your premiums.


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