Medical Insurance

SuperLife medical insurance lets you insure against part or all of your medical expenses; from doctors' visits and prescriptions, to surgery and hospital care.

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Medical insurance that suits you and your family

SuperLife lets you choose a medical insurance plan to suit the needs of you and your family. UniMed offers a broad range of plans to choose from, and is an independent not-for-profit mutual society working for the benefit of its members. Learn more about the UniMed plans by clicking the links below:

If you already have medical insurance under SuperLife and want to change your policy, fill in the change medical insurance form.

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Low Cost

Because SuperLife has over 50,000 members, we have negotiated a special arrangement with UniMed to reduce its premiums.

See the SuperLife medical insurance rates for males and females.

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It’s easy to sign up

  • SuperLife members can sign up for medical insurance. SuperLife medical insurance is separate to any investments you have with SuperLife.
  • If you are new to SuperLife, it is easy to become a SuperLife member and sign up for medical insurance (even if you don’t have any investments with us).

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Where can I learn more?

We recommend reading our FAQs on Insurance to learn more about medical insurance premiums and benefit payments.