Responsible Investing


Making a conscious choice through responsible investing

We know investors today want to feel comfortable about where they put their money and that there’s a good fit with their personal values.

Now more than ever, investors are making decisions to incorporate global climate change and sustainability concerns in their investment decisions. What lies at the core of responsible investing? How can you use your investment choices to initiate the change you want to see in companies environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors?

Our experience tells us responsible investing means different things to each of us. We have thought long and hard about how to provide a clear and transparent process for you to decide how to invest responsibly, based on your beliefs and personal preferences.


You decide how much, or how little you want to be involved

The question is no longer whether you invest responsibly but how much of your investments you want to be responsible.

We offer a range of funds, from fully integrated responsible investment options to full market index tracking options.


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Ethical approach

Our Ethica fund has the highest level of ESG factors in its investment approach. The Ethica fund excludes investments where a material part of revenue and/or activities are in the areas of gambling, tobacco, alcohol, armaments, pornography and fossil fuel extraction.

Principle-based approach

In the principle-based approach, the funds have checks in place to reduce or exclude certain sectors/companies that do not meet responsible investing criteria.

For example, we exclude companies associated with weapons, anti-personal mines, cluster munitions and tobacco. Also excluded are companies that derive revenues from thermal coal and oil sands extraction that are not compliant with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles.

Market index tracking approach

This option allows you to invest in specific markets, and market stocks. This approach allows you to track broad market indices, and are not screened specifically for ESG factors.

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