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What is SuperLife Age Steps?

SuperLifeAge Steps is a SuperLife investment option that automatically increases the allocation to cash and bonds, and reduces the exposure to shares and property, as you get older. This lowers the investment risk of your savings as you approach your retirement.


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About SuperLife

Low fees and flexible investment options, to suit your circumstances, and with a focus on you, the member, are at the core of SuperLife's philosophy.

By joining SuperLife, you can invest your savings in an investment option suitable for you. You also have access to additional benefits, such as competitive life insurance, disability income protection insurance, medical insurance, and other flexible savings.

SuperLife offers the ideal KiwiSaver scheme for New Zealanders. Benefits include:


Low Fees

SuperLife's fees are either the lowest or among the lowest in the market. We do not pay commissions. Low fees means more of the investment returns go to your KiwiSaver Account. You can compare fees of similar funds of the KiwiSaver providers on the Sorted website, or read our article 'Comparing KiwiSaver fees'. If you are a young, and recent entrant to the workforce, then depending on who your current provider is, our lower fees could mean an extra six months' to a year's salary in your KiwiSaver account at retirement.


SuperLife offers a number of innovative solutions with a high degree of flexibility for employers and individuals. SuperLife imposes no minimums or restrictions other than the legislative requirements. We have no minimum savings levels.


SuperLife offers a range of investment options, including a socially responsible Fund, Ethica. You can also build your own investment strategy from the different sector Funds and ETF Funds. You can change your strategy at any time. We also offer a solution that manages your investment risk - our SuperLifeAge Steps option automatically reduces your exposure to shares and property as you get older.

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