KiwiSaver is about securing a better future. Whether it is to save a deposit for a house or for your ultimate retirement, you can generally save more in KiwiSaver than in alternative investment products. 

Example*: pay = $62,400 a year


After 1 year, the position is:

Your savings (3%)        $ 1,872 i.e. $5,200 a month
Government's MTC tax credit     + $    521 50 cents for $1 up to $10 a week i.e. $521 for a full year
Your employer's subsidy     + $ 1,310 Employers pay 3% less tax
Investment earnings     + $      79 (Say 5% after-tax)
Fees     -  $      30  


After 5 years, the position is:

62400 june2015.PNG

*Assumes that you earn $62,400 a year. If you earn less than $62,400, your contributions will be lower. If you earn more, your contributions will be higher. If you are not an employee, you can choose how much you save  - the 3% does not apply and there is no employer subsidy.