SuperLife Default Fund



The Default Fund invests in a mix of income and growth assets. Designed for investors that want a "balanced" investment option. It excludes assets that do not meet the fund’s defined principle-based investment standards (see Investment Restrictions in the table below). Negative annual returns may occur once in every 5 - 7 years on average.



Fund Facts

Asset Class Multi-asset class
Geographic Focus International
Market Index The market index for the fund is a composite index. It is made up of the indices used to measure the performance of the assets that the fund invests in. The market index return for the fund is calculated using the weighted average annual return of the market indices used to measure the performance of the assets that the fund invests in. This is calculated by multiplying the index return for each asset class by the target asset allocation weights for each asset class
Investment Restrictions
The fund may not invest in companies that:
  • are involved in activities relating to illegal weapons (cluster munitions, anti-personnel mines and nuclear explosive devices); or
  • own proved or probable reserves in coal, oil, or gas, and derive at least 15% of their revenue from exploration and extraction of coal, oil or gas.

Fund Value ( 31/05/2022) $364,775,623
Fund Start Date 1 December 2021
Risk Indicator ( 30/09/2021)

Lower risk

Higher risk


Potentially lower return

Potentially higher return


Returns and Fees

31 May 2022
Last month Last year 3 years (p.a.) 5 years (p.a.)
(after deductions for charges and tax)
Market Index Return
(reflects no deductions for charges and tax)
Fee Amount
Fund Charges (estimate) 0.20% per annum of fund's net value.
Administration fee $30 a year (regardless of the number of investment options you invest in, or the number of times you change investment options). You do not pay the fee if you have all your money invested in the SuperLife Default Fund.
The returns are after tax at the highest prescribed investor rate (PIR) of tax for an individual New Zealand resident. Your tax may be lower. If you are a SuperLife investor, you can log in to see how your investments have performed.

Asset Class

The current allocation between the asset classes is:

31 May 2022

Income Current %Target %Range
Cash and cash equivalents 12.46% 14.00% 0-55%
New Zealand fixed interest 33.28% 32.00% 0-55%
International fixed interest 0.00% 0-55%
Total 45.74% 46.00%
Growth Current %Target %Range
Australasian equities 16.11% 17.00% 0-63%
International equities 32.86% 32.00% 0-63%
Listed property 4.91% 5.00% 0-63%
Other 0.39% 0-0%
Total 54.27% 54.00%

Fund Investments

31 May 2022

Smartshares S&P/NZX NZ Government Bond ETF New Zealand fixed interest 33.28%
Smartshares Global Equities ESG ETF International equities 32.86%
Smartshares S&P/NZX 50 ETF Australasian equities 16.11%
Smartshares NZ Cash ETF Cash and cash equivalents 11.86%
Smartshares NZ Property ETF Listed property 4.91%
ANZ NZD Current Account Cash and cash equivalents 0.56%
Net Current Assets Other 0.39%
Foreign exchange hedging contract Cash and cash equivalents 0.03%



31 May 2022
Country%Relative Weighting
New Zealand 68.03%
United States 21.80%
Japan 2.30%
United Kingdom 1.18%
France 1.03%
Canada 0.98%
Switzerland 0.89%
Germany 0.85%
Australia 0.61%
Netherlands 0.46%

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