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Whether you join SuperLife for your investments, KiwiSaver or overseas pension, or via your employer, you have the same broad range of investment options to choose from. The investment options can be combined in any way you choose, and changed at any time, free of charge.


Diversified Funds


Five funds that provide a range of risk-return profiles. The funds invest in a mix of the sector funds. If you invest in a managed fund, it’s up to you to change funds if your risk-return profile changes.

To help you understand what type of investor you are, you can seek financial advice or work it out using Sorted’s investor kickstarter tool.

You can combine the Diversified Funds with SuperLife’s other investment options any way you choose, and change them at any time, free of charge.


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Combine your KiwiSaver with low fees and a passive investment strategy.

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Why try to pick stocks when you can own the whole index? SuperLife lets you access the full range of Smartshares Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

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