Sorted KiwiSaver savings calculator

The Sorted KiwiSaver savings calculator (available via the Government's Sorted website) helps you to determine how much you could save by age 65, and what this could give you between age 65 and 90.

Sorted KiwiSaver fees calculator

The Sorted KiwiSaver fees calculator  (available via the Government's Sorted website) helps you to work out what fees you are likely to be charged in KiwiSaver up to age 65, and see how similar types of funds compare.


Managed income calculator

Use our managed income calculator to estimate your projected expenditure over the course of your retirement.

Savings calculator

Use our savings calculator to estimate your future savings balance.


Life insurance calculator

The life insurance calculator helps you to work out the premium for life insurance through SuperLife. 

Disability insurance calculator

The disability insurance calculator help you to work out the premium for disability insurance through SuperLife.

Retirement Planning

How long might I live in retirement?

Use our life expectancy calculator to see how long you might live based on your gender and expected retirement age.

Retirement expenditure calculation sheet

Click here to download our retirement expenditure calculation sheet, which can help you work out how much income you will need after you retire.

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