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Benefits tailored to your business

Setting up benefit arrangements can be an effective tool to attract and retain employees.  It is important for employers to do what is best for their situation and business objectives, which may mean employer-subsidised benefits, voluntary benefits (employee paid), or a combination of both. Together, we will work out a plan that fits your business requirements.

Our goal is to make sure that any solution is seamlessly integrated into your business. To learn more, we encourage you to read the summary below, as well as our Articles and Guides on a range of useful topics for employers. 

Workplace savings

SuperLife offers the ideal workplace savings solution. Benefits include:

  • You set the rules - SuperLife lets you tailor the rules around contributions and benefits, so that you can create a plan designed for your business. It's more than just superannuation; we can add other benefits to your plan like KiwiSaver, insurance and voluntary savings.
  • Seamlessly integrated - we take care of the administration (such as contributions and payments) and ensure that you and your employees receive regular information, including market updates.
  • Flexibility - we are a master trust. Through SuperLife, your employees can choose from a broad range of passive, low cost investment options to tailor a solution for their needs.

Choose an employee benefits provider that puts its members interests first.

KiwiSaver chosen provider

The SuperLife KiwiSaver Scheme is a low cost and flexible savings solution for your employees. We can help you simplify your enrolment process and give your employees the opportunity to make an informed decision on their KiwiSaver savings. In addition, your compliance demands will be reduced, so you will have more time to run your business.

Here are some of the benefits of the SuperLife KiwiSaver Scheme:

  • Reduce complexity for your employees - the default SuperLife KiwiSaver investment strategy is SuperLife Age Steps, which automatically changes the asset allocation based on an investor’s age. We also offer a broad range of funds for employees that wish to set their own investment strategy or choose based on their risk-return profile.
  • Give your employees the best chance of investment success - SuperLife's fees are among the lowest in the market. Low fees means more of the investment returns go to an employee’s KiwiSaver account. See how competitive we are using the Sorted KiwiSaver fees calculator.
  • Flexibility - we put your employees in control. They can set a savings level to suit their investment objectives, such as saving for a first home or saving for their retirement. They can also change their investment strategy at any time free of charge.

Choose a low cost, passive KiwiSaver provider that offers your employees exceptional customer service.


Subsidised insurance in the workplace provides peace of mind to employees in any industry. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, you can provide insurance benefits as part of your company workplace savings (superannuation) plan or remuneration package.

SuperLife provides access to:

  • Life insurance (death only, or death and total & permanent disablement)

Even if subsidised insurance does not form part of your remuneration strategy, letting employees access group rates on a voluntary basis is a valuable benefit.

Help your employees access subsidised group rates for their insurance needs.

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