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Whether you join SuperLife for your investments, KiwiSaver or overseas pension, or via your employer, you have a broad range of investment options to choose from. The investment options can be combined in any way you choose, and changed at any time, free of charge.


Age Steps


When you choose the SuperLife Age Steps investment option, we automatically set the proportion of your investment in income and growth assets based on your age. You do not have to tell us to change your investment mix every year, we will do this for you.

With SuperLife Age Steps, as you get older, the proportion of your investment in more volatile growth assets will be reduced, lowering the expected size of the ups and downs in the value of your investment. This option may be suitable if you are saving for retirement (assumed to be age 65), and assumes you will continue to invest your savings and spend them over your retirement period.

If you want to see the proportion in income and growth assets at a particular age, click here. If you want to see more information about the age steps that apply every ten years, see below.


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