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SuperLife’s Australian super transfer service

Investors can transfer funds between Australian complying super schemes and KiwiSaver schemes. The SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme is the ideal home for Australian super – we offer both low fees and a broad range of investment options to suit your circumstances.  More importantly, exceptional customer service is at the core of our philosophy.

You can keep track of your KiwiSaver balance with our mobile app, and change your investment strategy anytime, free of charge.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme by clicking here.  To learn more about the super transfer process, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or call us.


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What to consider when transferring your Australian super to NZ

There are a number of matters to consider when transferring your Australian super to NZ.  These include the convenience of controlling your investments from NZ, different tax laws between Australia and NZ, and limitations on a first home withdrawal. The decision to transfer will also depend on your financial goals and circumstances.

To start thinking about the issues, we recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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We can help if you’ve lost track of your funds in Australia

There’s billions of dollars tied up in Australian super schemes because they have lost track of the contributors. If you’ve lost track of your Australian super funds and can’t remember what super fund they are in, we can help.  Click here to contact us.

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Low fees

SuperLife's fees are among the lowest in the market. Low fees means more of the investment returns go to you. See how competitive we are using Sorted's KiwiSaver fees calculator.


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