SuperLife SMT Balanced Fund

Fund Facts

Asset Class Multi-asset class
Geographic Focus Global
Market Index The market index for the fund is a composite index. This is calculated by multiplying the index return for each asset class by the target asset allocation weights for each asset class.

Fund Value ( 28/03/2024) $925,333,532
Fund Start Date 1 July 2000
Risk Indicator ( 29/12/2023)

Lower risk

Higher risk


Potentially lower return

Potentially higher return

Returns and Fees

28 March 2024
Last month Last year 3 years (p.a.) 5 years (p.a.)
(after deductions for charges and tax)
2.69% 11.88% 3.45% 5.25%
Market Index Return
(reflects no deductions for charges and tax)
2.77% 11.21% 3.64% 5.74%
Fee Amount
Administration fee An administration fee may apply. If you are an ordinary member, you may pay an administration fee of up to 0.50% of the daily average balance of your account. If you are a specified member, the administration fee you pay (if anything) will depend on what has been agreed with your employer – please consult your employer for more information.
The returns are after tax at the highest prescribed investor rate (PIR) of tax for an individual New Zealand resident. Your tax may be lower. If you are a SuperLife investor, you can log in to see how your investments have performed.


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