Serious illness withdrawal request

Under KiwiSaver, a member can make a withdrawal from their KiwiSaver Account, if they are suffering from a “Serious Illness”.  Serious Illness is defined in the KiwiSaver Act 2006.  The amount of the withdrawal can be up to the full KiwiSaver Account balance including the government paid $1,000 and government contributions. 

If you are a member of SuperLife, you apply in writing to the supervisor (i.e. Public Trust) with appropriate evidence. Please call us on 0800 27 87 37 to request the Serious Illness withdrawal form.  When we receive your completed form, we collate the material, follow up the medical evidence required and summarise it for the supervisor.  The supervisor must assess the application and make a decision.  

Both the Manager and the supervisor recognise the sensitivity and the level of work required to make an application.  However, the supervisor is required to investigate and assess the validity of a claim before it can make a decision and a payment made.  This could take some time depending on the medical evidence provided. We will keep you informed of progress.


In order to assess your application, the supervisor requires evidence of your serious illness, and may request information on your employment history and employment prospects.

Confirmation of New Zealand residency

When you ask for a serious illness benefit, you are required to give a statutory declaration that for the period of your KiwiSaver membership, your principal place of residence was New Zealand.  This is a legislative requirement.  If you have gone overseas on holiday, your principal place of residency is still New Zealand.

If during part of your KiwiSaver membership you received a government contribution when your principal place of residence, was not in New Zealand, we have to refund that portion of the government contributionts back to the government.


To make an application:

  1. Please contact us, by calling 0800 27 87 37, or direct dial 09 375 9150 to request the Serious Illness withdrawal form.
  2. Complete the authority for us and the supervisor to contact the doctors and specialists involved with your serious illness, and your current or most recent employers.
  3. Enclose medical reports from your doctor and specialists. We and the supervisor may request further medical and/or employment information. All medical and employment information that you supply will be kept confidential to us and the supervisor and its advisers.

Approval process

On receipt of the application form, statutory declaration and supporting documents, your application will be submitted to the supervisor.  If approved, your account balance will be paid to the nominated bank account.  If you have not completed the identity verification and address verification under the Anti-Money Laundering legislation, this will also need to be completed prior to a payment being made.


1 In terms of the Act, “serious illness” means that the member has suffered an injury, illness or disability that:

  • Has resulted in the member being totally & permanently unable to engage in work for which he or she is suited by reason of experience, education or training, or a combination of these things; or
  • Poses a serious and imminent risk of death of the member.

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