The key investment principles that will normally influence your investment strategy decisions include:

  • It is your money.
  • Sleeping at night (and not worrying about your investments) is normally more important than getting that “extra” return.
  • With higher long-term average returns (i.e. over 20 years), you may get lower short-term returns (i.e. over 1 year).  Any strategy has to be able to cope with negative returns as, even in a “bad” year, you still need an income to live on. It is your retirement savings, and so must meet your income needs.
  • If you invest in assets that go up and down in value, it is important that you are never forced to sell them on a particular date i.e. you always need some assets that don’t go down (i.e. cash) for immediate financial needs.
  • Any investment strategy needs to be able to cope with change; changes to your circumstances and changes to legislation.


Setting an investment strategy to spend your retirement capital is based on 5 simple factors:

  • Timing: When will you spend the money?
  • Importance: How important is the expenditure?
  • Diversification: Do you have other sources of income?
  • Patience: How long can you wait if something goes wrong?
  • Risk preference: What type of investor are you?

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