Fund updates - SuperLife Invest - September 2019

Life Cycle Option - SuperLife Age Steps

Age 20 years (September 2019)

Age 30 years (September 2019)

Age 40 years (September 2019)

Age 50 years (September 2019)

Age 60 years (September 2019)

Age 70 years (September 2019)

Age 80 years (September 2019)

Ethical Fund

Ethica (September 2019)

Diversified Funds

SuperLife Income (September 2019)

SuperLife Conservative (September 2019)

SuperLife Balanced (September 2019)

SuperLife Growth (September 2019)

SuperLife High Growth (September 2019)

Sector Funds

NZ Cash Fund (September 2019)

NZ Cash ETF Fund (September 2019)

UK Cash Fund (September 2019)

NZ Bonds Fund (September 2019)

Overseas Bonds Fund (September 2019)

Overseas Non-government Bonds Fund (September 2019)

NZ Property Fund (September 2019)

Australian Property Fund (September 2019)

NZ Shares Funds (September 2019)

NZ Top 50 Fund (September 2019)

NZ Top 10 Fund (September 2019)

NZ Dividend Fund (September 2019)

NZ Mid Cap Fund (September 2019)

Australian Shares Fund (September 2019)

Australian Top 20 Fund (September 2019)

Australian Dividend Fund (September 2019)

Australian Financials Fund (September 2019)

Australian Resources Fund (September 2019)

Australian Mid Cap Fund (September 2019)

Overseas Shares (Currency Hedged) Fund (September 2019)

Asia Pacific Fund (September 2019)

Emerging Markets Fund (September 2019)

Europe Fund (September 2019)

Total World Fund (September 2019)

US 500 Fund (September 2019)

US Large Growth Fund (September 2019)

US Large Value Fund (September 2019)

US Mid Cap Fund (September 2019)

US Small Cap Fund (September 2019)

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