If you are under age 65, are entitled to stay in New Zealand indefinitely (i.e. you are a New Zealand citizen or hold permanent resident) and normally reside in NZ, you can join KiwiSaver. There is no minimum eligibility age.

Therefore eligible employees, the self employed, stay-at-home spouses, beneficiaries and children can join.



The best way to join is to opt in. However, if you are an employee and you start a new job you may be auto-enrolled.

Employees under 65: Opt-in

Any eligible employee under 65 can join KiwiSaver, by opting in. To opt-in to SuperLife, complete a membership form or enrol online.  If you choose to opt-in, you must contribute at least 3% of your total before-tax taxable pay for one year and you do not have the option to opt-out. If you wish to stop contributing to KiwiSaver, after one year, you can choose to go on a contributions holiday.

People who are not employees: Opt-in

If you are not an employee (e.g. you are a stay home spouse, a beneficiary, self-employed, or a child and are eligible to join), you join KiwiSaver by applying direct to a KiwiSaver provider. To join SuperLife, complete a membership form or enrol online. Non-employees are not required to save. However, if you wish to make regular savings you will also need to complete a direct debit form.

New employees: Auto-enrolment

If you are between 18 and 64 and are not in KiwiSaver, when you start a new job you will be auto-enrolled into KiwiSaver if you are eligible to join. You must save a minimum of 3% of your total before-tax taxable pay.  Your 3% savings apply from your first pay day.

If you do not want to be a member, you may "opt-out". You can "opt-out" after two weeks (day 14 of your job) and before the end of eight weeks (day 56). In exceptional circumstances you can opt-out after 8 weeks.  If you do not opt-out, you are required to save at least the 3% minimum for one year. To opt-out you complete the IRD form KS10 and give it to your employer or the IRD.

In most cases, when you are auto-enrolled you will be assigned to a default KiwiSaver provider unless your employer has a chosen provider. However, you have the option of choosing a provider, or changing your provider if you have already been assigned one. You should choose a provider and should choose SuperLife - find out why.

Transferring to SuperLife

If you are already a member of KiwiSaver and wish to transfer your membership to SuperLife, you need to complete a membership form or enrol online. IRD will then advise us of your previous provider and we will contact them to arrange the transfer. If you want to get the process started immediately upon joining us, let us know directly who your previous provider was. They have a time frame of 35 days to complete the transfer from when we contact them.