PDF.jpg Download as PDF (includes IR595 form)

Getting an IRD number is easy. You must fill in an IR595 form, and take the originals and photocopies of two forms of ID to your local AA Driver Licensing outlet, Post Shop, or other NZ Post retail outlets. A copy of the IRD form is attached, or you can download one from www.ird.govt.nz.


  1. Complete the IRD form
  2. Get the originals of two types of ID (see table below)
  3. Photocopy your two IDs
  4. Take the IRD form, the ID originals and ID copies to your nearest AA or Post Shop or NZ Post retail outlet. 


You need two forms of ID – one from list A and one from list B.

List A List B
  • NZ full birth certificate
  • Passport
  • NZ emergency travel document
  • NZ firearm or dealer's licence
  • NZ refugee travel document
  • NZ certificate of identity
  • NZ citizenship certificate
  • NZ driver's license
  • NZ 18+ card
  • NZ student photo identification card
  • A letter confirming registration as a student in New Zealand
  • An "offer of employment" letter from your employer, on their company letterhead



If you are applying for an IRD number for a child under the age of 16, you must complete the IR595 IRD form for the child and then provide IDs for yourself and the child.

  • For yourself (ID required as above)
  • For the child:
    • one ID from list A or B, and
    • a document that shows the relationship between you and the child if it is not shown in the ID.

Again, when you go to the AA office, Post Shop or NZ Post retail outlet, you need the originals and copies of the ID.