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SuperLife has made a number of changes to its investment options in recent times.


Introduction of 4 new ETF Funds

In November we introduced 4 new exchange traded funds (ETF Funds) for members to invest in.  This brought the total number to 23.  All ETFs are managed by Smartshares, are PIEs, and are listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

The ETFs let members who are interested, create their own portfolio.  Collectively the ETFs let an investor invest across the 4 asset classes of cash, bonds, property and shares and implement a balanced portfolio, or a portfolio with a bias to a particular part of the markets.  You can for example, introduce a bias to European shares, or small US companies.  20 of the current ETF Funds are designed to track a particular market index the other 3 are actively managed and cover the cash and bond sectors.

The 23 ETF Funds are:

New Zealand Australia Overseas
NZ Cash ETF Aust Top 20 Leaders ETF Total World ETF
NZ Bond ETF Aust Dividend ETF US S&P 500 ETF
Global Bond ETF Aust Financials ETF Europe ETF
  Aust Resources ETF Asia Pacific ETF
NZ Dividend ETF Aust MidCap ETF US Growth ETF
NZ 50 Portfolio ETF   US Value ETF
NZ Top 10 ETF   US MidCap ETF
NZ MidCap ETF   US Small ETF
    Emerging Markets ETF
NZ Property ETF Aust Property ETF  

The ETF Funds are available under our superannuation scheme, our KiwiSaver scheme and Ascot.  Ascot lets members transfer their UK pension to a New Zealand superannuation scheme.

The ETF Funds can be combined by members with the other SuperLife Funds.  There is no minimum amount a member needs to put in.


Investment options expanded


SuperLife’s investment options are made up of 42 Funds and 3 Mixes.

For most members, one of the 8 standard Managed Funds, strategies or Mixes, will be optimal (e.g. SuperLife60, AIMFirst Home or AIMAge Steps).  The Managed Funds have particular objectives and are allocated between cash, bonds, property and shares in a way designed for specific goals.  We also call them “tick-the-box” options. 

For other members, creating their own strategy out of the 13 Sector Funds will let them achieve their investment objectives efficiently and for a few members, creating their own portfolio using the 23 ETF Funds will suit them.  The 45th option is Ethica - a “balanced” socially responsible investment option


8 Managed Funds & Mixes 13 Sector Funds 23 ETF Funds 1 Ethical Fund
“tick-the-box”   Create your own   Create your own   Ethica
Standard options   strategy   portfolio    

To find out more about the investment options, go to the SuperLife website and download the investment statements, or the investment options booklet.


If you have any questions, please contact us on 0800 27 87 37 or email SuperLife@SuperLife.co.nz.